A few seconds are more than enough to create an account on Twitter. Opening an account on this social network, as in most of them, is simple and above all intuitive. The problem comes when we decide to do completely the opposite. When what we want, whether at the user or company profile level, is to end our history and eliminate our Twitter account.
The social network of now 280 characters is very practical to boost your company as long as you design a good marketing strategy where you regularly propose content. Possibly a while ago you started to create your business profile on Twitter and due to lack of time or organization you have realized that it is not the social network that suits your business and you decide that it is time to delete your Twitter account.
Deleting your Twitter account is not a process that can be executed in one day. It is not especially difficult, but we do have to be patient since to finally end it we must wait thirty days. Here are the five steps so that your company account on Twitter is completely eliminated.

Steps to delete your twitter account
Go to Twitter and log in with the business account you want to delete.
Click on the avatar located on the right in the top bar. A menu with different options will be displayed.
Choose the settings and privacy option from the drop-down menu. By doing this you go directly into the configuration of your business account. By default you should be in the Account category. Check it out and if not, select that option.
Within the option account goes down to the bottom. There you will find the option Deactivate my account. Click on that blue button.
It’s time to confirm your deactivation and delete your Twitter account completely. Click on the blue Deactivate @yourusername button at the bottom. At this time Twitter informs you that the account will be temporarily inactive and that if you do not reactivate it within 30 days by logging in, it will be completely deleted.
As you can see, simply what you must have is patience to be able to delete your Twitter account through the “deactivate account” option. It is a much simpler process since the social network gives you the option to freeze your account for thirty days so that you think well if you really want to stop having their services and remove Twitter from your marketing strategy for your company. This option is completely free, but you must do it directly from the Twitter website since it cannot be executed from the App itself or its mobile website.
Many times ending with all the information and our accounts in networks becomes a real nightmare. Minimizing the footprint of our registry to the maximum must be done carefully and knowing what the best options are to end up deleting everything we want to eliminate.
Perhaps you have also been able to consider the idea of ​​deleting your content on Twitter, without making the decision to completely delete your account on the social network. In that case you should know that it is possible to end all your activity. Delete past interactions, tweets and even direct messages from your profile either at the user or business level. The TweetDelete App is presented as the most recommended free option to end all that interaction from past publications. You can delete your history and it is fully compatible with Twitter. All you need is time to get rid of everything as there is a maximum number of tweets to delete per day.
Remember that if you have decided to end your Twitter account, the process to delete it is simple. Even much more than in other social networks such as Facebook. If you do not want surprises and delete your Twitter account in the most efficient way, apply the five simple steps that we have detailed in this post and in thirty days your business account will be completely gone.

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