How to create an attractive YouTube channel in 5 simple steps

How to create an attractive YouTube channel in 5 simple steps

These statistics (US and global data) show very clearly the dimensions of the YouTube phenomenon.

But in Spain we are not short on the figures either: in this statistic you can see key data of the channels of the 250 most successful Spanish Youtubers.

All of them exceed one million subscribers and the channel with the most views is currently close to 10 billion (yes, billion with “b”) views.

As you can see, we are talking about stratospheric data. That is why it seems incredible that in the face of such a huge opportunity, there are still very few small professionals and companies that take advantage of YouTube.

The good news about this for you is that there is still a lot of room for people with interesting proposals.

What will you find here?

How to create your account on YouTube
1. Access the YouTube website
2. Create your channel on YouTube
How to set up and customize your YouTube channel
1. Create and upload the logo of your YouTube channel
2. Create and upload an attractive header (banner) for your YouTube channel
3. Finish off the basic configuration and customization of your channel
How to create well done videos
Basic equipment for recording videos
Programs to record video
How to get visits and subscribers from scratch
What you do must be in demand
Specialize in a clear topic
The best strategy to get many subscribers in a short time
How to do SEO so that they find you in the search engine
Go for it!
But it is also that creating a YouTube channel is easy and producing videos is also easy.

And it is not very difficult to create a channel with a professional or semi-professional image.

What impression does the following channel give you, for example?

creative DIY fake
The example that we are going to create in this tutorial. To make a more realistic image of the result, I have “borrowed” the part of the content (the published videos) from Pedro Guerrero’s Brico Designs channel.

Would you say it conveys a good image? Yes right?

Well, this design is not a real channel, it is simply the example that we are going to create together, step by step and from scratch in this tutorial. 🙂

And if, by the way, you are a fan of the theme used in this example (DIY), I also take the opportunity to recommend the Efe Uno Joaquín channel.

Apart from being one of the most successful DIY channels in Spanish, it is an excellent complement to this tutorial because of how Joaquín does it: his sympathy, his naturalness and the tremendous connection with his followers that he has achieved with it.

How to create your account on YouTube
But let’s stop preludes and get down to work to create your channel 🙂

1. Access the YouTube website
Logically, the first thing is to go to the YouTube website at

This is the Youtube home screen.

You have watched YouTube videos many times and this screen will be more than familiar to you.

Do you already have a Google account?
In order to create a YouTube channel, you need a Google account.

You probably already have it because almost everyone uses Google services that require a Google account, such as Gmail, Google Drive, an Android smartphone, etc.

In any case, whether you have it or not, click on “Login” at the top right of the screen that you see in the image above. You will jump to the following screen:

Click “Create Account” to bring up these two options.

Now, if you do have a Google account, perfect, log in with your account, just like you do when you enter any other Google service like Gmail, for example.

If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one right here. To do this, click on “Create account” and you will jump to the following screen:

Google account creation screen. As you can see, you can use your usual email address by clicking on the phrase highlighted in blue.

Before you start creating it, I want to clarify an important detail that connects some people. The email account associated with your Google account can be of two forms:

It can be an email account that you already have other than Gmail.
You can create, together with your Google account, a Gmail email (Gmail’s email service).
The choice of one or the other option is your personal matter and does not matter much.

So create it in a moment and move on to this post. I am not going to break down the steps here because we deviate from the object of this post, but you will see that it is trivial and, if you have any questions, you have infinite tutorials on YouTube that will help you.

Enter your account details on this screen.

As in any process of creating an account, we will have to fill in our data. The recovery email is important since, in the event of a problem, such as the loss of the password, the information will be sent to that address.

You have the option of creating a company profile, but this time we won’t go into it.

This message will appear, but at this time you can click on “Not now”, as you can configure it later.

e and does not affect us at all.

Once the account is created, go back to the YouTube page and log in.

2. Create your channel on YouTube
When we return to the main YouTube page, we see at the top left that the session is not started yet.

This is the Youtube home screen.

Just one click on the button to automatically recognize us and log in with the account we have created.

YouTube page with the session started.

If you access YouTube with a Google account, you have access to a number of things that only registered users can access, but you don’t have your YouTube channel yet.

We have to create the channel expressly, so click on the menu, and then on “Create a channel”. It shows us this screen:

Start editing the channel by clicking “Start”

What to wear A personal account or a brand account?
We give “Start” to configure our channel.

Click “Select” to choose any of the options you want.

And here they are going to ask you to make an important decision of which users are not normally aware:

You have to decide if you want to use the personal name or brand name modality (what YouTube calls “company name or other name”).

The fact of the matter here is this:

With a personal account, you can only have a single YouTube channel associated with your account. Your name will be the name associated with your account, changing it also means changing the name of your account.
If you use a branded channel, you can have multiple channels associated with your account. These channels are also known as brand accounts. In addition, you can enable other people as administrators of these channels in these brand accounts.
The decision already depends on your preferences, but in general I would recommend using the brand name route, since it gives much more play. You can add more brands and manage the different channels or brand accounts on the channel switch screen.


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There is also the possibility of converting a personal channel to a brand channel, but this is a somewhat more advanced procedure and we are already in trouble. Better to create a brand channel from scratch.

If you choose the path of the personal name, when you click on the “create channel” button, the channel is already created and with that part of the channel creation is concluded. If you decide to create a brand name, there is one more step.

Now click on the link highlighted in the image above for “Use a company name or other name”:

The brand account creation screen.

Now enter the name of your brand, accept the conditions, click on “Create”, and that’s it. You already have your YouTube channel.

And here is a small but important comment: you can later change the brand name you choose now, so this is not critical now. To be practical and move forward, I recommend you take the first one that comes to mind.

Now, for obvious reasons, this is not to say that the brand name is not important.

Therefore, in the short / medium term, you should spend some time finding a really good name, along with a good branding strategy in general.

I close the parentheses and we continue.

After clicking on “Create” it will take us to the channel configuration. We have a basic one, and a more advanced one. In any case, you can skip this step for later, since it is a task for which you have to have several things prepared, such as the logo or image of your channel.

Click on “Upload Image” to select the one you want from your computer.

We will also indicate the description of the channel, or the links to different social networks (if we have).

Here you can add the links to your websites.

When we finish all this configuration process, we will end up on the “Your channel” page. Important! It is very common to confuse this page with the Youtube Studio Control Panel.

This you see is the image is the page of “Your channel”:

The cover of your newly created channel.

Here we can get an idea of ​​how our channel can look to our audience. It also allows us to access our channel settings later, by clicking on the “Customize channel” button or Youtube Studio.

The latter is the section where we can see the statistics of our channel, the summary of the data or the news available.

To access it, we can do it by clicking on the drop-down menu and on “Studio”, or from the Control Panel, on the “Youtube Studio” button, as we can see in the image above.

The first time we access, this message will appear:

Welcome screen to the new Creator Studio interface.

But once we have logged in more than once, the Control Panel of our channel will appear, from where we access the statistics of our channel, among many other things.

Channel control panel

How to set up and customize your YouTube channel
We are going to remedy this by customizing your new channel to enhance this sad initial image.

1. Create and upload the logo of your YouTube channel
Depending on whether you have previously decided to use your personal account or a brand account, in principle, the coherent thing would be a photo of you as a channel icon in the first case and a logo in the second.

Since we have created a brand account, I am going to teach you how to create a logo.

In case you have created your channel as a personal account, the steps are similar. And remember also that you can perfectly give a channel a personal name and a photo to avoid the limitations of a personal account channel.

Here I am going to suggest you be pragmatic and choose, for now, simply a temporary logo, one that you see that looks reasonably well. That is more than enough for now, later there will be time to create a more “pro” logo.

There are a lot of sites with good quality stuff (icons, images) and tools that can be used freely such as Pixabay for images, Iconfinder and FlatIcon for icons and Canva as a design tool. This will make things much easier for us.

Flaticon always shows the top of searches on its home page

The level that these resources have reached today is simply incredible, so much so that, even if you are not a designer, if you have a little taste and aesthetic sensitivity, you can get to do very successful jobs.

In many cases you will be able to use the resources freely without further ado; in others they will ask you for only a small mention of the author (you can put it in the channel description, for example). And also consider the payment options (which are usually very affordable).

Obviously we are not talking about competing with professional designers, but we are talking about designs that do not look sloppy and are more than useful for a starting situation like this. When you start to do well, there will be time to invest in professional design.

And if you don’t want to do it yourself and you are looking for a low-cost solution for someone to do it for you, Fiverr is a classic for hiring a suitable person within the price range you want.

Let’s assume then that you have already created your icon and that you want to put it on your channel.

To do this, we will first go back to the YouTube main screen that we saw at the beginning of the tutorial, by clicking on the YouTube logo in the upper left or by directly typing “” in the browser’s address bar. As you prefer.

That is, this screen:

YouTube page with the session started.

Then display the menu by clicking on the logo at the top right and choose the option highlighted in the image, the option “My channel”.

This will take you back to the screen of your channel that we saw before:

The cover of your newly created channel.

Here, click on “Customize channel” and you will see the following screen:

We have already uploaded the logo.

Be careful, you may think that this screen reflects how your channel will look, but this is not the case. The page that the public sees is the previous one.

This screen is simply the user interface for you to upload a logo and header to your channel and view them.

Take a good look at this screen and how to get there, because we are going to use it a lot of times throughout this tutorial.

Now click on the pencil icon highlighted in the image above and this kind of popup window will be displayed that you can see below:

Intermediate step to upload the logo.

This window simply shows the notice you see. So click on the “Edit” button and you will get to the following:

Screen to upload the logo image.

Here, finally, we can upload the logo. In the case of having opted for a personal account, the process would be the same, by the way.

Click on the “Upload photo” button, choose the logo and then you will see it loaded as you see in the following image:

We have already uploaded the logo.

Close this popup window by clicking “Done” and you will have completed this step.

Now, what we want to do is go back to the main page of the channel to see how it has been with the logo on it. To do this, click on the icon at the top right, the box you can see below is displayed; and click on “YouTube”.

The icon at the top right displays a menu that allows you to return to your channel.

Et voilà, here we have the channel sporting our brand new logo!

What, just with the logo, does it already improve clearly?

Channel appearance with the new logo.

I also comment

that the logo may take a while (a few hours at most, in principle) to appear. Don’t worry because it is normal.

In fact, in the image above you may already be using it in the header of the channel but, however, for the logged-in user (which is also the channel in this screenshot) it still does not appear. A little later it will appear too.

2. Create and upload an attractive header (banner) for your YouTube channel
Although putting just a logo is already an important improvement, to do things well, you should use a header image as well.

As you are going to see, thanks to the tools I have already mentioned, it will also be quite easy for you to design a header (banner) for your channel.

However, here’s something you need to understand before you get down to it.

Depending on what type of device your channel is viewed on (Smart TV, desktop computer, Tablet, mobile, etc.), the layout of your channel page will look different. That also affects the header image and you should take into account.

The following image summarizes the different display types of your header image:

Depending on the device, for a matter of viewing area, different areas of your header image will also be displayed.

That is, YouTube will crop the image as it sees fit. On a mobile phone, for example, it will clip it to the “safe area”, the area of ​​1546 × 423 pixels in size that it will always display, at least.

In general, Google gives these guidelines for header design:

For the best results on all devices, they recommend using a 2560 x 1440 pixel image. This is the format Canva uses by default.
Minimum dimension to upload: 2048 x 1152 pixels.
Minimum safe area for text and logos: 1546 x 423 pixels. Larger images can be cropped on certain views or devices.
Maximum width: 2560 x 423 pixels. This means that the “safe area” is always visible, regardless of screen size. The areas on either side of the channel image are visible or cropped depending on the size of the browser.
Maximum file size: 6 MB, preferably less.
Apart from the quality of the result and how easy and comfortable a tool like Canva is, the fact of being an online tool has another great advantage: it is always up to date.

That is, if the above recommended dimensions change, Canva will change to accommodate them as well.

How to create a YouTube header with Canva deserves its own tutorial, until we have our own, I will refer you to this one, which uses the template you can see above and I found it an excellent tutorial in general.

But first a trick to inspire you: search on YouTube for things like “beautiful YouTube headers”, “professional YouTube headers”, etc.

Next, go to the “images” view in the Google results (“images” menu above) and you will be able to navigate quickly and comfortably through all the images found.


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If you also search in English (“great youtube banners”, “best youtube banners”, etc.) you will expand the richness of the results significantly.

And now that you have material to get ideas, I leave you with the tutorial:

For my part, I have created this header in which I have been inspired by a very common design pattern on YouTube channels: the channel title, a slogan or bullet point list and a photo of the author.

An example of a channel that uses this pattern is the channel of Pat Flynn, a well-known online marketing blogger and Youtuber in and outside the US:

Pat Flynn’s YouTube channel.

Based on this idea, I have created a header with the recommended ideal dimensions of 2560 × 1440 pixels, according to the YouTube header template.

Those white stripes will catch your attention. This is because it allows better reconciliation of the different forms of display on different devices. You will see it clearer later in the preview image.

Example header created for this post, inspired by the example of Pat Flynn and with the dimensions recommended by YouTube.

As you can see, it is a very simple header that you can create perfectly with Canva’s free tools.

The only detail a little more advanced is the personal photo. This already requires an image editing tool that allows you to put a transparent background to a photo of yourself.

In any case, it would also be perfectly good to have only used the text and dispense with the photo, especially when you are starting with your channel. I just wanted to give a little back

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