How to create an info product and sell 6 figures in a short time

And it is that, in reality, this is the case: whoever does not participate is missing an immense opportunity.

Never before has it been so accessible to start a real business with just a computer and an internet connection. I’m not going to go to the extreme of saying that even from the beach, but the truth is that geographic freedom is also a factor to take into account.

What will you find here?

What is an info product?
How to make an info product an excellent business?
8 simple steps to sell your own info product
1. Choose the area of ​​knowledge of your info product
2. Define your authority on the subject of your info product
3. Analyze well the connection points with your audience
4. Know your target audience. Who is going to buy your info product?
5. Realize the transformative promise of your info product
6. Focus on getting success stories
7. Always remember that the heart of your business is your info product
8. Launch your infoproduct on the market… And don’t stop selling!
And now it’s your turn 🙂
Online businesses are businesses that adapt to the lifestyle we want and not the other way around.

That of molding our lives around the schedule and calendar requirements of a traditional job sounds less and less attractive… especially when there is an alternative to that reality that until recently could not be doubted.

Also, you don’t have to be a super expert in computer technology to design highly profitable online businesses. I want to present you an online business modality with which you will be able to achieve really attractive billings, without requiring a complex technical infrastructure: it is the business of infoproducts.

What is an info product?
What is an info product? … you may be wondering.

An info-product is nothing more than a product in digital format through which information is transmitted in which the producer is an expert. Fundamentally, and to simplify things, you should know that the star info product is online courses.

Once you are clear about what an info-product is, I want to give you a glimpse of what is happening in what is known as the knowledge market. According to the prestigious Forbes magazine, the knowledge market moves around 300 million dollars a day.

But that’s not the most shocking thing. That figure is expected to triple in the coming years, and the United States is already beginning to talk about the trillion-dollar-a-day market, a milestone that will be reached around 2025 if the forecasts are correct.


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However, beyond the numbers and projections, there is a totally tangible reality: in the Spanish-speaking market, more and more info-product launches manage to reach the magical milestone in the sector of billing 6 figures in 7 days.

Or what is the same: sell more than 100,000 euros in just one week (which is the usual open cart period in an online launch).

Even the 7-digit barrier has already been broken in several launches. More than 1 million euros in a sales week. Figures may seem unattainable at first, but I assure you that they are becoming more and more normal in the sector.

A very recent example of the launches of my agency that in a few months has already exceeded 7 figures, that is, more than 1 million euros in turnover, is this piano course by the comedian and lecturer Mago More and the pianist Simarro:

landing more
The course «Learn Piano at a Time» by Mago More y Simarro ( is an example of a product that we have recently launched that in a few months has exceeded 7 figures, that is, more than 1 million euros in turnover .

And this is the video ad that they have used in online advertising ads (Facebook Ads, etc.):

After seeing these figures, I suppose that telling you that, in any case, it is going to be more than feasible for you to build a 6-figure business per year, it may sound poor. But there are not so many businesses that can exceed 100,000 euros per year in such an apparently simple way, don’t you think?

Look at the combination: a giant market in which some science fiction figures move, and a business with a very basic technological intensity, for which you do not need large infrastructures or technical knowledge.

Doesn’t this trillion-dollar-a-day market seem like an extraordinary opportunity?

How to make an info product an excellent business?
Next, I am going to detail you step by step what should be the route to follow if you really consider a good or

portunity to set up your own business based on an info product.

This method is exactly what I use for the info-products that we launch in my agency and it is the result of dozens and dozens of launches behind my back, with which I have invoiced more than 5 million euros. I mean: I know what I’m talking about.

Furthermore, it is the exact sequence that I propose in my book “Invoice 6 Figures in 7 Days” (Alienta Editorial, Grupo Planeta).

If you want to expand all the information that I am sharing with you in this article, I invite you to read my book, where I have concentrated all my experience and knowledge of these years in a true manual to transform your passion into a high-performance online product.

8 simple steps to sell your own info product
But for the moment, here is the step by step so that you begin to be clear about the path to follow to build your own info-product business:

1. Choose the area of ​​knowledge of your info product
I mean, what are you going to teach?

At this point, it is important to keep in mind that you do not have to be the person who knows the most about your subject. Think that, simply by being above the average, you are going to have 50% of people who you can teach and help them reach the same level.

As long as you move in a market where there is an interesting audience volume, that 50% is more than enough to establish a good online business.

As much as possible, you should place your info product at the intersection of your knowledge, your experience and your passion. But that will not be enough.

You should also bear in mind that your info product must meet some basic market logic conditions:

That there is a minimum volume of audience interested in that specific topic.
Make it a profitable niche (that, in addition to interest, there is an intention to pay for it).
And let there be competition.
Yes, yes, I was not wrong on the last point: competition is always a sign of health in a niche market. If there is absolutely no one in your niche… be suspicious.

2. Define your authority on the subject of your info product
There is nothing more powerful to sell an info product than to demonstrate authority to do so. Selling from authority is essential to achieve optimal results.

Authority is a kind of invisible quality seal that is automatically assigned to your info product and, although right now you think that authority has to do with awards or titles, it is actually much simpler than that: authority is results.

English course forever
This is the webinar invitation page for the “Inglés Forever” ( product that. Only in its first week of existence, and without having a mailing list or social networks, it had a turnover of more than € 70,000 and managed to multiply the initial investment (especially in online ads) by 10.

The evidence of the results achieved in the area of ​​knowledge of your info-product positions you at a higher level, and although the rest of the “accessories” such as titles, appearances in the press or written books also add up, they are usually a simple consequence of the fundamental: the results.

So now you know: build your authority from the results, and the sales strategy of your info product will be much more effective.

3. Analyze well the connection points with your audience
Any sales process is largely a test of trust and we must never underestimate how important it is for people to like you, also online. That is another of the keys that I tell in my book.

You must earn their attention, their desire to listen to you, because if you don’t succeed, any message you want to send them next will not be heard, and therefore it will be useless…, even if you have the best offer in the world to offer them.

You should never forget this: people connect naturally… with people! So it is always a good idea to show yourself as a person, transmit your values, and of course, your story. A good story always generates an almost magnetic connection with your audience.

Of course, do not forget that your story must be linked, obviously, with your info product. Explain how acquiring the knowledge that you now want to pass on to people changed your life, because that way you will connect all those people with you … and with your info-product.

4. Know your target audience. Who is going to buy your info product?
All those people who are potentially buyers of your info-product are known in marketing by the concept of avatar.

But I like to refer to them as “your best friends” much more. You know why? Because you must know them perfectly, as if they were your best friends. Only with that level of knowledge will you be able to write messages adapted 100% to them. What they feel, what they suffer, what they need, what they dream …

After all, you know that we are establishing a co

connection, and you will only be able to connect with someone you know perfectly, and that knowledge is what will allow you to speak the same language.

When you build all your messages with that specific avatar in mind, and not just any generic person, your conversions go up dramatically. Think that if you manage to describe their problems better than your own client, he or she will automatically know that you have the solution to them.

5. Realize the transformative promise of your info product
Our infoproduct does not aim to train, but to transform. You have to change realities. You have to show the exact path to go from an unwanted current state to a dreamed future state.

A good transformative promise for your info-product should define in the most concrete way possible the points of origin and destination, the time required to complete the transformation, and the resources or effort that your buyers will have to dedicate.

A deep transformative promise will be easier to sell than a weak promise, of course. Spend all the necessary time at this point, because the transformative promise of your info product is one of the most determining elements for success.

6. Focus on getting success stories
The most obvious way to show that your info-product fulfills its promise is obviously to have success stories that have managed to complete that transformation.

Therefore, your primary objective should always be to help your clients achieve that goal, because their success will automatically be yours. Scaling an info-product business using your success stories as a lever is an absolutely winning strategy.

daytrading week course
This is the pre-launch page of the “Superdaytraining” info-product (, which has already billed multiple 7 figures in its little more than 2 years of existence.

Getting testimonials is also highly recommended, but the testimonial is one notch below the success story. A testimonial has not necessarily achieved the complete promised transformation. A case of success yes. The success story lends credibility and evidence to your transformative promise.

7. Always remember that the heart of your business is your info product
Your entire business revolves around your info product, and you should never forget that. Of course you can sell any product (good or bad) with an extraordinary sales strategy … but a bad product has its days numbered, and that does not interest you if you want a true 6-figure business.

So, never skimp on creating the best possible info product, with a clear focus on the transformation you promise. Only in this way will you be able to build a true digital empire around it.

8. Launch your infoproduct on the market… And don’t stop selling!
Once you have all the previous points very clear, the moment of truth has arrived: it’s time to launch your info product on the market.

I will not elaborate excessively on this point, because you have a very complete article that I wrote myself in this blog:

how to launch a product
How to make a successful product launch
Digital entrepreneurs are achieving spectacular 6- and 7-digit results with their launches. What is the secret of this success?

In this post I detail all the steps you must follow to make a successful launch.

And now it’s your turn 🙂
This is all you need to do in order to build your own info-product business and achieve 6-figure billing. As I mentioned, it does not require great technical knowledge, simply an exhaustive job of defining all the fundamental points that will mark the success or failure of your info-product.

To finish, I remind you that you can expand everything I tell you in this article in my book Invoice 6 Figures in 7 Days.

The time has come to create a true digital empire from scratch, based on your knowledge, your passions and your experience. Now is the time to take your piece of the gigantic knowledge market pie, the trillion dollar a day market.

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