What is Duolingo for schools and how does it work? – Meet Duolingo for schools

What is Duolingo for schools and how does it work? - Meet Duolingo for schools

In the constant growth of the digital world, nothing is exempt from these new advances. Learning a language has never been so easy as from the comfort of your home and only with a smart device, best of all, it is now also available to teachers. Duolingo for schools is here to revolutionize the way you learn a new language.

Surely you have heard more than once about the famous application for learning languages ​​Duolingo, and it is that without a doubt it has positioned itself as one of the best applications with the most intuitive interface and for all ages.
What is Duolingo for Schools and why is it important?
Duolingo for schools is nothing more than an extension so that expert teachers in languages ​​can evaluate the students of each section in terms of requirements and virtues that each one of them presents. In other words, it is a virtual classroom for teachers with the help of Duolingo to teach their classes remotely.

The first thing to do to get started with this extension is to access the official Duolingo For Schools site. While it is true that Duolingo is an application that everyone can use, this extension is mostly aimed at educators or teachers who wish to take better control of the students in each section and from a distance.

Preparing a virtual classroom has never been as simple as it is now with the use of these new platforms that meet the needs of both students and teachers.

duolingo website for schools

It is no secret to anyone that Duolingo is a self-taught application in which languages ​​can be learned in different ways, which is why extensions such as Duolingo for schools make distance learning easier and easier.

How to get started with Duolingo For Schools the right way?

If you are a teacher who seeks to monitor the progress of your students in a simple way and without having to check the phone over the phone, this extension will come in handy. It is important to remember that to accurately assess the progress of each student, they must first have a Duolingo account.

Once the registration process on the platform is completed, you must go to the option where you can create a new room or section that your students can access through a link that you will share or create an account so that each student can access in a direct.

Creating a section is extremely simple, you just have to give the classroom a name, choose the language you want to teach and finally you just have to select how you will get the students to access the classroom. In general, the easiest and fastest way to do this is through the link with direct access to the virtual classroom.

It is important to mention that Duolingo for schools is available to anyone who has an account in this application, so people of all ages and countries can access the section just by entering the code or through a URL.

student listing

This extension is completely free and anyone can access them. Duolingo increasingly surprises its users with the different ways they offer to learn a new language.

What are the benefits of using Duolingo For Schools?
While it is true that Duolingo has been the leading digital platform for teaching languages ​​self-taught for a long time, extensions like these have tools that make work even easier for anyone looking for new learning strategies.

Ease of access
Accessing a class has never been easier than with this extension. In order to publicize your classroom, you only have to share a link through the different digital platforms that currently exist such as Google Meet or Google Classroom.

Easily assess students
When the classroom is set up, Duolingo is in charge of organizing classes and assessments based on language. The teacher should only establish the guidelines and evaluate the outcome that each student

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